When I tell people that I teach eighth grade English, responses range from, "Are you crazy?" to "Bless you," to "You must have a lot of patience." The last one always gets me because I do NOT feel like I have much patience. After a "professional development" day designed to improve my teaching prowess, I came home frustrated and completely out of patience. I went to my computer and quickly and passionately wrote a rant about the current state of education in our country. Oh, I felt so much better getting all that off my chest! A few days later, when I had calmed down a bit, I re-read and then re-wrote my original rant. I kind of liked it. Perhaps...maybe...I should submit it for an op/ed slo


I'm back in my "office." It's been three months since I sat on my deck and had a good writing session. There's something about the fresh air, blue sky, evil squirrel, and soaring birds that gets the creative side of my brain cranking. I've been giving "REVISION" a lot of thought lately. For some writers it's a necessary evil; for my teenage students it seems to be a foreign concept. For me, it's like soon as I stop, I need to start again. I never feel completely finished with revisions. When I listened to Diana Gabaldon describe how she writes, I was amazed. She doesn't believe in revision. She may spend ten or twenty minutes working on a single sentence, but once she's done wit

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