High Plains Heroes

Historical fiction for young readers

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Thirteen-year-old Josiah Sullivan is discovering the wonders of the high plains in Colorado Territory in 1862. His family has come west to avoid the tumult of the American Civil War. Josiah's path crosses with a young Arapaho boy, Lost Stick. Josiah must decide whether Lost Stick is a friend or foe. A dangerous journey into the Rocky Mountains tests Josiah's courage and survival skills. Living on the American Frontier is not for the faint of heart!

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Listen to an excerpt from Josiah read by a 13-year-old from Texas

Praise for High Plains Heroes:

"Jaydine Rendall  deserves a nod for  writing page-turning adventure with historical accuracy. Will tempt the most reluctant reader." -- Alice Longaker, author of Wren


Book 2: Laughing Wolf 

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Laughing Wolf must bring his injured brother from a high valley in the Rocky Mountains down to the plains. His skills and courage are tested both from the journey and from the choices he must make between his family and his friends.

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Book 3: What really happened to Bethy in the Rocky Mountains? What will her future hold?