Sometimes progress comes crawling; sometimes progress races by so quickly it's all I can do to hang on. I have officially self-published a book! It's just a charming little picture book for my grandson, but the point is that I did it. From start to finish, including the cover, I worked my way through the steps of seeing my book published on Amazon.

When I was finished, I realized I didn't really want to do that again.

The hunt began for other publishing options. I have met with numerous people, talked with folks on the phone, exchanged a multitude of emails. I've narrowed the field quite a bit, but who will publish my novel is still up in the air.

The novel itself is definitely still a work in progress. This is where the "crawling" progress comes in. I went back to digging for historical facts. To my own amusement, I discovered that I had mistakenly placed my protagonist's home two miles outside Weld County's boundaries! Why can't the powers who be draw straight lines around counties? Shifting the farm a few miles east meant I had to re-calculate distances between key locations. Along the way I stumbled upon fascinating details about people who really lived in Weld County when my story takes place.

Because so much of the story is historically accurate, I've decided to include maps and a glossary so my young readers can differentiate between fact and fiction.

One of my prior students is working on the artwork for the cover. Thank you, Lauryn!

Some days I feel like all the ideas, contacts, decisions, and words are swirling around my head in a whirlwind of confusion. I'm getting better at plucking one item out of the air and concentrating on that exclusively. But, it will be a while before I'm proficient at juggling all the various aspects of book publication.

Stay with me as I travel along this road!

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