When I tell people that I teach eighth grade English, responses range from, "Are you crazy?" to "Bless you," to "You must have a lot of patience." The last one always gets me because I do NOT feel like I have much patience.

After a "professional development" day designed to improve my teaching prowess, I came home frustrated and completely out of patience. I went to my computer and quickly and passionately wrote a rant about the current state of education in our country.

Oh, I felt so much better getting all that off my chest!

A few days later, when I had calmed down a bit, I re-read and then re-wrote my original rant. I kind of liked it. Perhaps...maybe...I should submit it for an op/ed slot in a newspaper.

Still feeling feisty on the topic, I decided to go big and submit to a national newspaper. I followed the submission requirements, hit "send," and felt great. My strong opinions were off my chest. I no longer had to worry about any of it. Writing is much better than paying for therapy sessions!

To paraphrase the submission guidelines "the longer it takes to hear from us the better." Okay, remember, I said, "paraphrase." Basically, a rejection would arrive within ten working days; acceptance could take significantly longer.

I honestly didn't give it any thought until about the eight business day mark. Yay! I haven't heard from them yet! Suddenly, I was thinking about it. Each day that crawled by was a little more stressful.

Did I mention that I'm not a very patient person? It's been twelve working days, and I've heard nothing.

Part of me really doesn't care. I said what I wanted to say, and I am happy with that. Part of me says, "Wow, they didn't reject me out of hand. Chalk that up as a win!" Part of me is getting seriously impatient.

I'll keep you posted. I could be published in a national newspaper...or not.

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