Rolling On

I've been painting. No, nothing exciting...bedroom walls. But, painting and writing for me share a symbiotic relationship. As I'm painstakingly doing all the cut work with a brush, I'm figuring out the plot points. This weekend, I was pondering the climax. As I teach my students, that's the point where a character makes a decision that starts solving the problems.

In my second book, the major conflict is internal. My protagonist is struggling with his identity. Who does he really want to be? Will this be too "deep" for my young readers? Paint, paint, paint.

Rolling paint requires much less concentration, so I tend to work through entire scenes and dialogue while I'm working. It's like watching a movie while occasionally dipping the roller into the paint!

And then, I realize that while I'm multi-tasking, painting and writing are very similar processes for me: start with the outline, fill in the details, then agonize that it's not "perfect." The thought, "That line isn't exactly the way I want it" applies to both my writing and my painting!

I walked away from the bedroom painting yesterday. It is as "done" as it's going to get for a few days. Then, I'll go back and touch up.

I think because of all the processing time I had while painting two bedrooms, I surprised myself today by calling my second novel "done." Oh, it's not really finished, not by a long shot. But, I'll set it aside for a week or two, then come back and touch it up.

The ending is far more literary and more of a cliff-hanger than I originally intended, but it feels right. We'll see how I feel about it when I read it from start to finish. I already have a list of items I know I need to tweak, but they're minor.

So, merry Christmas to me! And, merry Christmas to you, too! May 2017 be full of creativity and joy!

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