Dreams Do Come True

The dedication for High Plains Heroes: Josiah reads "For Scot, dreams do come true." My husband has been my dreaming partner for many, many years. Better than anyone, he knows how much I have wanted to be an author.

Being published was the first dream. The second dream was closely tied to the first: I wanted my books to be used as curriculum for young readers.

To encourage this dream, I made sure the books were Lexiled so teachers and parents would know the reading level of each book. I also made sure that historical information is as accurate as possible. Each book has been thoroughly researched.

I'm delighted to announce that my second dream has come true!

Caliche Elementary School is having sixth grade students read Josiah. I developed discussion questions for the teachers, and the vocabulary list created by MetaMetrics has been turned into a Quizlet activity page.

I will have the pleasure of speaking to these elementary students on Monday, November 20. I'll also swing by the secondary school for a presentation with older students.

One reason it's special that Caliche has chosen to use High Plains Heroes is that their town of Iliff has a connection to the books.

John Wesley Iliff ran the largest cattle ranch in the state of Colorado. Fictitious renegade cowboys from his ranch figure prominently into High Plains Heroes: Josiah and upcoming book three: Bethy.

The fulfillment of this dream is due in large part to Barnes & Noble in Loveland, Colorado. Jeremy Wolfe, the Community Business Development Manager, has been a tremendous supporter of the High Plains Heroes series. Many thanks, Jeremy!

In other news, High Plains Heroes: Laughing Wolf is due out any day. I am anxious to hold this "baby" in my hands. Book three: Bethy is in final production. Stay tuned!

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