To Do List

My list never grows any shorter. Does yours?

I take great satisfaction in crossing out completed items, yet I always seem to add more to the list than I cross off.

Early 2018 has already been a wild ride. Two years ago I set a goal to be a presenter at the Colorado Chapter of the International Reading Association (CCIRA). I have attended the conference in Denver for many, many years, but I've always been a "taker," never a "giver."

In my school world, I developed a system for encouraging young readers to use self-determination for improving their reading skills. After two years of success, it was time to share with other professionals who take reading seriously.

Somewhere in that timeline, I became the first Writer in Residence for the High Plains Library District. I wrote a novel. Then, I wrote a second novel. Yep, there's a third.

Suddenly, being at CCIRA had more meaning. Not only was I fulfilling my dream of being a presenter, but I was attending as a published author. Pinch me! It was an amazing experience.

What does that have to do with my To Do List? Everything!

So far, during my spring "break," I have crossed off reviewing applications for the third Writer In Residence. I'm honored to assist the Library District in continuing this program. We'll meet in April and select the newest WIR by the end of the month.

I've crossed off updating Quizlet with the "Power Vocabulary" for all three of my novels. MetaMetrics has lexiled my books and generated lists of high-use, high-level vocabulary that young readers should learn. You can check out the lists and the games at

I'm excited to report that I've written eight chapters of the fourth book in the High Plains Heroes series. Readers kept asking, "What happens with Lukas?" Oh, my...that angry boy is in deep trouble now! Although I haven't finished the manuscript, I'm crossing it off my To Do List for now.

I've updated my website. You can see pictures from the conference, find out the details of my book launch party, and read all the scoop about the books in the High Plains Heroes series.

Yes, I've been busy. And now, I can cross off writing my blog post.

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