These are a few of my favorite things

Let's see: dogs, books, kids, libraries -- not necessarily in that order!

It doesn't get better than an animal therapy program in California using dogs to inspire youngsters to read books from the High Plains Heroes series at their local library. All my favorites wrapped up in one terrific program!

Kudos to these fantastic volunteers who share their time with children and encourage them to read. These special people work through Read With Me, an initiative of the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program. "When children read with therapy animals, incredible learning takes place." Please take a few minutes to learn about this amazing organization that brings people and animals together for the betterment of all of us! could use your support!

I can't talk about therapy dogs without a shout out to my favorite service training organization in Colorado: Canine Community Heroes. It's been four years since Gael graduated. (Summa cum laude, no doubt -- she is a border collie, after all!)

One thing I've always promised my young readers: when you read my books, you can be sure no harm will come to the dogs! (Human characters are an entirely different story. No guarantees!)

So grab a furry friend, snuggle up with Josiah, or Laughing Wolf, or Bethy, and READ. It will be time well spent.

(In case you're wondering: not one, not two, but THREE short stories were written in February! I wrote one specifically for my seventh grade students. Two others have been submitted to a contest. It feels good to be composing again!)

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