Walk the Talk

Walk the talk -- that's how I got into the writing world. For years I encouraged my English students to submit their work to contests. The Writer In Residence contest of 2016 was my opportunity to step up. Becoming the first Writer in Residence for the High Plains Library District has literally changed my life.

As part of the program, I finished my first children's novel, Josiah. Barnes & Noble in Loveland, Colorado became my champion. Through that store, I held author events, saw my novel used as curriculum, and was encouraged to write a five-book series. On a roll, I cranked out the second and third novels -- Laughing Wolf and Bethy. I plotted the fourth and fifth manuscripts -- Lukas and Leaf Dancer.

I became part of the writing world, attending conferences, workshops, critique groups, and writing groups. I started this website and blog.

And then I moved to a tiny town in Wyoming.

Talk about my writing career coming to a screeching halt! For nearly three years, I didn't write a single word while I dealt with real estate transactions, movers, building a home, and adjusting to my new lifestyle.

Then, determined to buckle down, I started writing Lukas. And first COVID, and then summer arrived. A portion of the rough draft sits awaiting my attention, which I will get to...one day. In the fall of 2020, I switched gears and participated in NaNoWriMo and completed a rough draft of an adult mystery novel. Whew! It's now almost May. Query letters, rejections, and learning the pitch process went on for a couple of months. After a very thoughtful response to a query from my first-choice agent, I am now in the process of re-writing the mystery to begin the story at a different point.

It will get done...eventually. But summer will arrive. (I write that with full hope since the ground is white, and it's currently snowing on April 23.) Then, I'll want to "play" outside all day -- planting, watering, pulling weeds, hiking, bird watching, and more watering. Writing? Maybe not.

But I'm a writer now. I stay connected to the Writer in Residence program in Colorado by communicating with authors I've met through that experience. My website generates emails from readers encouraging me to finish (or continue) the High Plains Heroes series.

I'm frequently asked, "How's the writing going?" Now you know!

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